Patch 1.07

All patch information for Diablo I and Hellfire.
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Patch 1.07

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Serious bugs (crashes or freezes)
  • Fixed crashes associated with being attacked or killed by a Black Death (Zombie class). This includes the crash upon resurrecting after being killed by a Black Death.
  • Fixed the freeze upon touching a Hidden Shrine while equipped with only indestructible items.

Medium bugs (affecting gameplay)
  • Prevented players from becoming stuck inside a wall when Town Portalling down into a dungeon.
  • Fixed bug that made some Hell difficulty monsters too easy to hit. Beware.
  • Fixed the Mana Shield bugs that could make a player invulnerable and/or invisible to other players.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Rogues from properly disarming traps on levels 13 through 15.
  • Fixed bug that rarely transformed unique items (like the Optic Amulet) into some other (usually mundane) item when saving the game and then starting a new game.
  • Prevented repeated castings (128 or more) of Mana Shield from disabling the casting of any more spells.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented items with the suffixes Thieves, Speed/Haste, Balance/Stability/Harmony, and Piercing/Bashing/Puncturing from working properly.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Mana Shield to become less effective with increasing spell level.
  • Fixed the bug that caused excessive damage when a Mana Shield expired due to an attack.
  • Prevented bows with fire-hit damage from interfering with the behavior of Gargoyle class monsters.
  • Allowed right-clicking (casting/drinking) belt items in positions 5 through 8, while the Spellbook is open.
  • Fixed the bug that froze Lazarus (and made him invulnerable to arrows and spells) after player had entered his lair, then left (or died), and finally returned.

Minor bugs (graphics or sound)
  • When in effect, the Mana Shield graphic appears to all players.
  • The casting of a Nova spell is now visible to all nearby players.
  • Fixed the bug that caused shields to disappear when worn after wielding two-handed weapons.
  • Adria's books appear white now only if a player can read them.
  • Equipped shields always appear properly to all players.
  • Nightmare and Hell difficulty monsters now display the correct number of hit-points (HP).
  • In single player, the sound is no longer shut off by loading a saved game while Diablo is in his death throes.
  • You may now change the name of a character to an existing account.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of special chatroom icons.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of German text in the German version.
  • Fixed renaming character to existing character bug.
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