The Abyss Chronicles - Patch 2.0 - The patch that never was.

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The Abyss Chronicles - Patch 2.0 - The patch that never was.

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While I was gathering the information for which patches were released for HGL, I noticed not only that there was a separation between Single Player and Multi Player patches (I did read that eventually the FSS was trying to unify the patches as they iterated through the development), but that there was
an entry in the last HGL patches page archived via the wayback machine. This entry was labeled TC Patch 2.0, which stands for "Test Center". It seems that the last patch that was in development and in the testing servers for HGL was TC 2.0 Build 4 and you can see all of the patch notes in the linked link.

From what I can see, this would have been a pretty massive change. The content was never officially released and it isn't available for Single Player at all. However, it's interesting historical information to keep so I'm linking it here. The post seems to have been posted by Tyler Thompson (Assuming: Tyler (Bogustus) is him). The forum post' title says ".. (Updated 07/10/08)" which was a bit over a month before Max Schaefer said on August 15, 2008 that the studio "for all intents and purposes" had shutdown. Also, any references in the notes to Patches over SP 1.2, are regarding the MP specific patches, since as you can see from the patches page I linked to above, there were more 1.X patches release for MP.

I also found this teaser trailer for the patch on YouTube.
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