[Singling] 2022-01-06-2230 - Improved Players Command for 1.00, 1.05b, 1.07, and 1.08.

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[Singling] 2022-01-06-2230 - Improved Players Command for 1.00, 1.05b, 1.07, and 1.08.

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Hello all,

Singling 2022-01-06-2230 has been released. This build includes a significant improvement to the players command. The players command was working properly and completely in Single Player, and on LAN it was also working properly besides one particular caveat which I documented in the Singling Notes: In LAN games, the host would need to manually set the players count since the new players system ignored the old player count.

For this particular situation I felt it was better to not hold back and further delay (or even never release - letting the perfect be the enemy of the good) the feature simply because of this particular exception which would mostly never be used when someone is playing Single Player most of the time. However, due to this, there was one particular scenario that I wasn't really truly comfortable with even if I don't really care what other people do on their machines, which is that someone could try and take advantage of this implementation flaw and attempt to rush 7 additional characters while only having the difficulty level of 1 (Because the old player count system was ignored). I found a bit of time recently to revisit the feature and finish fixing this issue.

The newest Singling build includes the new players command code for 1.00, 1.05b, 1.07, and 1.08, and now has a fully complete, safe, and working players command implementation for Single Player and LAN. My new players code will not only use the number you set for its calculations, but will also take into account the original player count functions as well. Whichever value is greater will be used. Thus if you have a LAN game open with 6 players, you can't say "players 1" and still maintain a "players 1" difficulty. It will now properly know that there are more players and set the floor to the greater of the two.

You can download Singling as part of Cactus.

- fearedbliss
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