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[Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2023 12:19 am
by fearedbliss
Character has been cancelled.

Let's go!! New SC Succulent Zon ;D. So far I found a few items. Excited to see her progress.

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm]

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2023 8:26 pm
by Manny
Nice bro. Coincidentally I started a new 1.09 toon as well this weekend ~ a Paladin. ;)

Enjoy the new adventure!

And just wondering: why is it that you don't ever play till "end-game"?

From what I've seen you usually go till about level 50, and then reroll a new toon :lol:

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm]

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2023 10:55 pm
by fearedbliss
Haha, I actually cancelled this character so her video isn’t up anymore. I basically have come to understand that even though I really like Succulent and am proud of it, I can’t really enjoy my own mod… I’m too involved in the sauce so to speak, so I’m happy about it as the creator, but it’s a mod that really needs to be enjoyed by others. The only way I can enjoy the game is if I play the original game as developed by the original authors.

As for the end game, yea you are right, I haven’t played D2 end game for an extremely long time, I would say never in a way because even when I had a character that I actually played for more than 1-2 months, was back in 2003 on 1.10 Maybe the beginning of 1.11/b as well. I tend to like the challenge of spinning up new characters and going through the initial challenge and I do love inverse difficulty curve, so ultimately I love getting super powerful and wrecking the game at the end after all of my hard work, but given all of the version combinations and different modes, for a long time I was always exploring and never really satisfied. But I’ve come to start being content with 1.05b and 1.09b after the past few years so I’m slowly starting the process of stabilizing my versions and modes (classic vs lod, softcore vs hardcore), and will slowly try and maintain a set of characters for a longer period of time. This will take some time for me to feel good and happy about it psychologically.

Developing Cactus and experimenting with all of the version combinations and analyzing all the permutations over the past 10 years definitely has made it more difficult for me to psychologically “stick” to a single matrix combination for the game but I believe I’ll eventually stabilize as mentioned above. So in a way, time traveling and the easiness of version switching is a double edged sword haha.

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2023 2:52 pm
by Manny
I see. Apparently having the option to play all these patches at your fingertips* has become somewhat of an obstacle to you, at least in that context. All due respect, and this is strictly my perspective: more is not always better. Back when I found this forum, I remember I had a singular purpose (and pretty much still do). Find a way to play 1.09 on modern hardware without constraints and/or performance issues. Discovering Singling and Cactus was just what the doctor ordered. See, for me, it was always going to be 1.09. That's my main course, my sustenance. Every other patch is a supplement, a temporary diversion. Like going on vacation. Succulent is like spending time in a fancy resort, except you don't even need to leave town. These trips are fun, for a time, but vanilla 1.09 is home. And "there ain't no place like home"

Apparently you've never settled on a preferred or "favorite" patch. There is no perfect patch, we both know that, but I sense you need a place to call home, otherwise you are forever destined to live the life a D2 vagabond. Now that I think of it, hah, "The Moving Caravan.". It's part of your credo, I guess? Well, I'm no one to judge how another enjoys their time with Diablo II, but I can't help but feel you're kind of missing out. Brevik and team did such a damn good job with the end-game, IMHO, and there is a lot of fun to be had with leveling into the high 80s and beyond, gearing out your character, min-maxing, landing on a unique build you can be proud of, and just connecting with your character and feeling like you've been on a journey together.

Something I've been doing since my return to Diablo II is creating "snapshot" saves of my main characters. For my 99 Bowazon, for instance, I can boot up any particular save file of hers for when she was lvl 35, 50, 75, etc. I am able to see the her progression of gear this way, what quest I was working on, and what I was up to in the Skill Tree/Stat department. One thing that I personally enjoy is frequent respecs. That's why I keep a Plugy instance ready to go whenever the urge to try something new. To me, being forced to reroll the exact same class and run through the exact same leveling experience, over and over, simply in order to be able to spend my points differently, is not fun. Other players seem to enjoy it, so like everything, YMMV. That's also kind of the beauty of this game, there is just so many different things we can be doing. Lately I've been curious about LLD (low-level dueling). That's not really something I tried much "back in the day", and I've been watching Coooley videos on the subject and finding them pretty entertaining.

OK I've started to ramble and I should get back to work. xD

Anyways, as long as you're having fun man, that's all that matters. ;)


Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2023 4:16 pm
by fearedbliss
@Manny Lol @ "D2 Vagabond". You're funny.

So basically over my past 20 years of playing, my highest level was probably around 87-92. So I definitely have played and experienced end game, but it hasn't really been the main thing I've chased. "Home" would probably be 1.10 since that was my childhood version, although over the past 10 years of experiencing 1.09b, I kinda considered 1.09b my home, but since I've been playing 1.05b for a few years now (although not end game), I've been really loving it even though it has its faults. In many ways I kinda been considering 1.05b my home now and kinda like it even more than 1.09b. Primarily because:

1. Item Scarcity
2. Low Drop Rates
3. All stats and skills are significant.
4. Mana is extremely valuable (low drop rates on mana - in addition to mana not being purchasable (same as in 1.09b in that sense).
5. No immunities
6. No level reqs on Uniques (like Diablo 1).

Even with all of the issues 1.05b has (leveling is slow, not just about the lack of players command - which Singling provides), it's just slow to level. You can feel it even in your mid 20s. Leveling between 20-50 takes a good amount of work. My highest char was my level 64 IM/BG necro (level 49 in this video), but you can see even with p8 and heavy exploitation of IM/BG, it takes a while lol. It's kinda cool that it's that hard and a simple/minimal design of the game - similar to d1, but sometimes it gets boring as well. It's a mixed bag but I like it in a weird way. Although it's a fact that the Blizzard North devs ran out of time when developing D2, which is why the 5th/4th act were swap, and why the 4th act is only 3 quests.. But with all of that said, they ended up with a beautiful balance where I call it a nice Diablo 1.5 <3. But anyways, these are some of the reasons that I recommended 1.05b / 1.09b / and 1.10 in Singling (let alone them being the most stable points of those eras). Maybe 1.05b is (or will be) my home and 1.09b/1.10 will be me going to the resort? There's more goodies in 1.09b and 1.10 after all haha.

Regardless of stability, the knowledge and possibilities that exist in 1.00, 1.07, and 1.08 were also things that I've been interested in exploring (although I've eliminated 1.00 now since 1.05b covers all the things I cared about). Multiply the Classic vs Lod, Softcore vs Hardcore, and all of that, and things multiply. You can imagine me as having a home, but setting out into the world to learn the wonders that exist in the unknown, and either come back home having that knowledge and enjoy my time at home, or perhaps I would find a new home somewhere else. I've known for a while that ultimately 1.09b (Classic and Lod) is probably where I've landed, and I haven't seriously returned to my childhood home of 1.10 since 2003 (there was a small period of time I shortly played with Succulent back when it was on 1.10). I'm definitely excited to settle down and enjoy the game on a few set of characters to the very late game, I think that time is very close, and it may be now as a matter of fact, only time will tell. I don't think I would have been able to have the perspective I have on time traveling, Cactus, Singling, Succulent, the structure of this very forum as you mentioned, is all about experiencing the game at different stages in time from back when Blizzard North existed and was developing it. But I'm very happy to have gone on this journey for sure, it's almost an experience that sits above playing Diablo II (or Diablo 1) itself. Diablo 1 & 2 are the vehicles used to achieve a higher level of enlightenment :P.

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 6:18 pm
by Manny
Oops, I didn't realize my fingers typed "fingerprints" instead of "fingertips" :lol:

Anyways, I did not remember about the uniques not having level requirements, or no immunities. Wild!

Classic definitely feels more "hardcore" than LoD does, hands down. Usually i'm attracted to that, but I just love Act V too much. Too bad we never got to see an ACT VI. :cry:

And yeah, there are definitely more goodies in 1.09b. ;)

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 8:49 pm
by fearedbliss
@Manny Yea I’ve been falling in love more and more with Act V the more I play it. It’s been a little while now but I can’t wait to make a 1.09b char again. I want to make 1.09b Classic and Lod chars again in the future. I also want to go to Abaddon just because haha.

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:12 pm
by Manny
fearedbliss wrote: Tue Sep 19, 2023 8:49 pm @Manny Yea I’ve been falling in love more and more with Act V the more I play it. It’s been a little while now but I can’t wait to make a 1.09b char again. I want to make 1.09b Classic and Lod chars again in the future. I also want to go to Abaddon just because haha.
Haha, I've been spending a lot time there with my Nova Sorc. I start with blood runs, making sure to hit Shenk, Dac, and Eldritch, and then head to Abaddon, which is a lvl 90+ area in 1.09b. I'm still hoping I can land a Grandfather one day. I also love the cold caves. Usually cold/northern/wintery areas are my favorite in RPGs/video games. I loved farming the Winterspring Frostaber in WoW for this reason.

I am also under the impression the experience gain is better in Act V than running cows. I have no evidence for that but it feels that way.

Act V is a masterpiece, IMO. And I think the fact that Blizzard North was already planning on making an expansion early in development of the base game is fascinating.

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:39 pm
by fearedbliss
Yea Act V has the best experience in pre 1.10. Experience was scaled so that the best exp happens in the later parts of the later acts from my understanding. Although it happens to be true that Act V Hell Bloody Foothills is really good exp … hence blood runs lol. They changed it in 1.10.

And yea the cold caves are really nice. It’s cozy in there (pun intended). Also @galaxyhaxz seems to like them I’m 1.08 since you can get WF (one day lol) from the frozen scourge packs. I have a video showing the exp difference between p1/p8 scourge packs:

Re: [Succulent] Lora (Amazon) [Level 9 | A1 Norm | Cancelled]

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:51 pm
by Manny
Oh dang, neat video! Love a good fire wall sorc <3

Man, that exp on players 8 was crazy. Is it the same in 1.09?

What do you use to record these, by the way? OBS?