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[Succulent] 2023-05-19-1200 is now available!

Posted: Fri May 19, 2023 12:27 pm
by fearedbliss
Succulent 2023-05-19-1200 is now available! The latest patch notes can be found below:
- Adjusted all gambling prices and are now using a rounded value.
- Gambling prices are capped at 2.5 million (The maximum amount of money you can have in your stash later in the game). Vendor prices can still go over this price.
- Gambling a Ring or Amulet now costs 100k (Up from 50k and 63k respectively).
- Increased vendor prices for all Armors and Weapons (Including Throwing Weapons).
- Rarity values have been flattened for all items in the game (Base Item Types, Set/Unique Items, Runes/Gems/Etc).
> Roughly speaking, this means that when selecting an item, their relative rarity levels will be treated equally. This does not mean that the total probability is the same.
- You can now carry up to 500 Arrows, 500 Bolts, and 20 Keys per stack (Up from 350, 250, and 12 respectively).
- Arrow stacks can now spawn with up to 150 Arrows (Down from 200).
- Key stacks can now spawn with up to 10 Keys (Up from 6).
- The minimum amount that Arrow and Bolt stacks can spawn with is now 50 (Down from 100, and 60 respectively).
- All Throwable Weapons (Excluding Throwable Potions) now have the following stack values:
> Maximum Stack Size: 250
> Minimum Stack Size: 25 (10% of the Maximum Stack Size)
> Can spawn with a stack up to: 75 (30% of the Maximum Stack Size)
You can download the latest version from the Succulent page. To install, just replace the Succulent platform in your Platforms folder with the new one, click "Reset", and Launch.

- fearedbliss

Screenshots showing some of the new stack sizes:


Re: [Succulent] 2023-05-19-1200 is now available!

Posted: Mon May 22, 2023 4:19 pm
by Manny
Inflation ~ now also coming to a D2 Mod near you. Unbelievable! :lol:

Re: [Succulent] 2023-05-19-1200 is now available!

Posted: Mon May 22, 2023 4:54 pm
by fearedbliss
Lmfao. Market correction.