FearedBliss' Ladder 2 [1.08/1.09b]

If you are retiring/finished playing a character, the character has died, or another reason where remembrance is deemed, this is the place for thee.
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FearedBliss' Ladder 2 [1.08/1.09b]

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The following chars will be archived (Mules won't be listed):

1.08 (Lod)
  • Matriarch Prunella (Sorceress, Lvl 66)
  • Slayer Phoenix (Amazon, Lvl 40)
1.09b (Lod)
  • Slayer Nibbler (Druid, Lvl 38)
1.08 (Lod) Characters


Slayer Phoenix

So Phoenix is a full bow zon. Besides putting the essentials into the Passive tree (Slow Missiles, Inner Sight for the -defense (increase hit chance), and Avoid/Evade/Dodge) everything else pretty much went into MS, GA, and Valkyrie. She felt good to play but obviously she is really gear dependent and 1.08 isn't exactly know for being "normal playthrough drop friendly".. given the MF problems and broken boss drops, you need to think outside the box. In my case I ran Normal LK a bunch of times on p8 and collected Gems, Jewels, Runes, and I made myself a regular crafted bow, the first one wasn't anything memorable.. but the second crafted bow - Cedar Bow got a pretty good roll. I used my socket and personalization quests on it and I put an Eth. Having 75% chance to hit constantly no matter the monsters (from what I understand) made combat and movement much faster for me and it felt smoother (Since monsters die a bit faster due to missing less). I also made myself some crafted blood gloves which got 10% CB (The max CB chance for the normal glove craft). This also helped a lot.

Once I got to NM difficulty it got a lot more rough since there is a global resistance penalty in NM and Hell. So yea, after that things slowed down and I decided I wanted to try out racking and would need a faster character that wasn't dependent on gear and/or can bypass the global physical resistance.. so that's when I made the Sorceress, Prunella.

Matriarch Prunella
So continuing from Phoenix's story.. The magic resistant is still an issue for Prunella but at least not all monsters are magic resistant. The sorceress went pretty smoothly for the most part in Normal difficulty (or at least as smooth as it could have gone given the lack of items lol). Once NM began things got a bit more difficult, but not crazy since I decided to not kill everything and just teleport and focus on getting to Hell. After I finished NM, Hell began and yea it's much more difficult. Especially if you do run into Magic Resistant monsters. But I continued the strategy to just focus on essential content and teleport and evade monsters are much as possible. Act 3 is one of the worst acts for me as a Sorceress due to me trying to tele and avoid everything, and having very small rooms (Flayer Dungeon) or many many little creatures trying to "befriend" me out in the wilderness, yea.. I have to be quick. Lots of dying, but hey, it ain't HC and the focus of me playing these patches are for a different resources (research and experiencing it being the top priority). Once I got to LK I experimented a bit with rack running and just trying to understand and play around with it to see what I feel and if I liked it.. yea, I definitely didn't lol. But I continued through and tactically teleported to the center of the Chaos Sanctuary and carefully cleared out a safe space for myself and set up a TP. I actually had one of my Mercs (Act 2 Merc) get eaten in the Chaos Sanctuary I think because he definitely was bugged/gone, I got myself an Act 5 Merc next and his health regen is amazing, I know 1.08 mercs don't have health regen but still, I feel like they heal even faster than 1.09+, but I'll need to actually test out a 1.09 Act 5 merc again. Anyways, Lord de Seis was a freaking savage. I believe he was Magic Resistant, Stone Skin, and Immune to Fire/Cold. So that pretty much completely kills my Sorcs main abilities [Lvl 20 Frozen Orb, Lvl 5 Cold Mastery, Lvl 20 Fire Wall, Lvl 1 Fire Mastery], I was able to have my merc corner him and continously attack. My merc doesn't have knockback gear (Maybe he did at the time but can't remember) but he was definitely causing Lord de Seis to flinch pretty frequently, I think it's actually the mercs stun ability probably. Due to this, Lord de Seis wasn't able to really ever kill my Merc and he very VERY slowly probably help decrease the life, I was on the other hand spamming Nova (Which I have no hard points into and getting some points from some gear piece). Eventually Lord de Seis fell. After that I was able to kill the final venom lords and fight Diablo. Diablo fell relatively quickly (Given that it's a Sorc). I made my way to Act 5 and teleported all the way to the Glacial Trail. I stopped there for a bit and did some leveling at some different A5 areas. I got to Level 60 by doing Champion Frozen Scourge runs on p8. I then proceeded to kill the Ancients and then Baal. The ancients weren't too bad, I just had to do a lot of running and attacking. I had to purchase a few stamina potions since they would tire out my char and I would end up getting killed. As for Baal, he is a savage in this patch. You definitely don't want to get hit by that fire breath, it's true when people say it would pretty much 1 shot you.. and that's after 1.08 "adjusted" Baal's difficulty. It's worse in 1.07 from what I hear. Lastly, Hephasto and Nihlathak continue to be extremely dangerous. The Magic Resistance in 1.08 gives +75% to all resistances (not +40% like 1.09), so it takes a while for a Sorc to kill him. Nilathak's CE is just ridiculous in 1.08. You pretty much also get 1 shotted lol.

Overall, it was interesting playing 1.08, I primarily played it for the crafting (fixed and all recipes enabled) and to test our rack running w/ the 1/800 unique chance (compared to 1/1000) in 1.07, and see how I felt about it. I can safely say that I don't like rack running at all. It's pretty boring and it also feels like I'm not really playing D2 anymore, I'm rather playing this side game of messing around with the internal stuff. Not that I'm against exploiting bugs within the game, but in this case D2 is all about finding items, and in this case this bypasses the whole thing. It reminds me of how gambling in prelod is basically one of the main ways to find items. So that's a combination of exploiting the game design to generate repeatable stuff like gambling predictable SOJs (Nagel/Manald, Next = SOJ), but it's easier to do because it's directly accessible through all the gamblers and you just need to get enough gold to do it. It's still fun to do all of this but it gets tiring pretty quickly since the main focus of the game shifts from going, exploring the world, killing monsters and getting experience and reward. Feeling that immediate gratification for your hard earned work in a fair way (fair as in, TC is fixed, Magic Find is taken into account, and the game's drop and reward systems are all working properly). I would hinge that that's probably the main reason the Unique/Set gambling was killed completely in 1.07/1.08 (and pretty much dead in 1.09), Blizzard North wanted people to actually play the game, not play the gambling game, and definitely not the racking game. So yea, racking is not for me. As for crafting, the crafts are interesting and I can see the potential, I really liked that you could craft any weapon type rather than specific ones like in 1.09. The Normal/Elite craft differences is also interesting and makes sense, I also really liked that they did something like predictably and orderly requiring El -> Ort for Normal Crafts, and Amn -> Fal for the Elite Crafts. It makes a wide range of runs more desirable.

From my calculations, the 1.08 patch was on Battle.net for exactly 54 days starting from Day 1 LOD Release (1.07 on LOD CDs, and 1.08 immediately after connecting to Battle.net) before 1.09a came out. A hell of a, and very interesting 54 days for whoever played 1.08 at that moment. I'm sure having friends to help you kill stuff was a massive help for players because on Single Player, this patch is rough and it almost isn't Single Player friendly. 1.09a fixed a lot of stuff including fixing MF, fixed boss drops, fixing feeding Merc potions via Shif, fix merc getting eaten bug, classic block went back to = shield block - rather than it using the LOD formula - thus dex dependent), magic resistance went from 75% to 40% (to all resists), and global physical immunity was removed from nm/hell for Classic, and removed from NM for Lod.. and of course you have all the other goodies and fixes that 1.09a says like improving drops from Pindle/Shenk/Eldritch, etc and rejuv potions being able to be automatically picked up into the belt, and last but not least the players command. This wasn't an issue for me in 1.08 since I implemented the players command in Singling for 1.00, 1.05b, 1.07, and 1.08, but it's nice to have an official working implementation (p64 if on 1.09b :D).

PS: For most of her time, she was wearing a Angelic Ring/Ammy combo, originally for the attack rating since the Sorc was melee for a while, but afterwards I kept it on for the +95 life (20 from ring and 75 from the set bonus on the ammy IIRC). She was also using a +3 MPK wand, +20% FCR, and + to some skills. At the very end before I decided to wrap it up and archive the files, I used my NM and Hell HF runs (Lum/Fal) to craft a orb weapon and a ring, both were not that good lol but w/e I'm done with 1.08. I also forgot to mention that the Frozen Orb mechanic works like prelod. People say this was a bug but idk.. if it worked like that in prelod, there is a chance that the behavior was intended, at least in this case it makes sense.. if you have this crystal orb thing just flying in the air shooting bolts, if the crystal orb thing were to "touch" or "collide" with another monster, I could argue that the crystal orb should crack and stop working.. Thus it would end up with that type of "shoot it next to the monster or in some open area where you can maximize the bolt damage as the monster paths their way to you. I got used to the switch relatively quickly but I still prefer my 1.09b's Frozen Orb where I just stab them directly in the heart with the Orb to do the most damage. War is not clean and nor is it professional. At least not in Sanctuary.

1.09b (Lod) Characters


I started on 1.09b for this ladder but once I got closer to the end of nightmare, I basically decided to switch to 1.08 since I never played the 1.07 - 1.08 series of patches.

Slayer Nibbler

Nibbler was overall fun to play. The hurricane was a nice additional dps skill for when the melee monster get close to me, or if I wanna run into ranged monsters a bit to tag them with the hurricane. The grizzly + oak was a very nice tank (As usual). The ravens... I thought they were gonna be way better additional dps as well but ultimately were pretty negligible I would say as we advanced in difficulties. They became more of an annoyance to cast because I need to cast one at a time + all of my additional other summons, this is primarily noticeable when you are doing runs, or if you die lol. The ravens were really nice in the beginning of Normal to get damage up quick without gear. Overall I would say Raven isn't worth it. Take it from me, I put 17 points into it :O.

In addition to the hurricane and raven, I was also primarily trying to have strong melee as well, primarily I was experimenting with Hunger. We know that shape shifting overall for the most part is heavily gear dependent. Hunger definitely shows that and it feels extremely weak, especially due to the massive damage penalty which doesn't seem to decrease as you put more points into the skill. You do see the hp/mana gains though so Hunger is a really good maybe 1 point skill if you need to quickly leech off monsters. But you'll probably need a good weapon to notice the gains... After a few points into Hunger I decided to experiment with some other skills like Fury. That one felt much better because it doesn't have a penalty but rather an increase.

I would definitely want to try out another Druid now that I have a little bit more insight into playing it, at least until Level 38 haha.
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