Diablo II Mini Images Now Available!

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Diablo II Mini Images Now Available!

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This pack contains a freshly made set of Diablo II (1.00) and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (1.07) Mini Images. These images allow you to play the game without the CD. Starting from Patch 1.12, Blizzard allows players to play the game without the CD. Given that a lot of modern computers no longer have a CD drive, this makes sense. For our purposes, this will allow us to still be able to play all of the original versions of Diablo II as well, starting with Patch 1.00.

You cannot use these images to install Diablo II because these images are not complete. They only contain the smallest amount of data needed, to allow Diablo II to start.

These images were taken with Alcohol 120% and have been tested with DAEMON Tools Free Edition (SPTD 1.86 Required) on the following platforms:

Windows XP SP3 - Works.
Windows 7 RTM - Works. Must "Run as Administrator" the first time.
Windows 7 SP2 - Works.
Windows 10 22H2 - Works. Requires newer DAEMON Tools, which you can get at their site.

In order to use these images, you'll need to remove the Game.exe that comes with Cactus (GalaXyHaXz's No CD) and replace it with the original one. You can download the original loader pack below. Lastly, I'm also mirroring a copy of the old version of DAEMON Tools as well.

- fearedbliss

Download Diablo II Mini-Images (733 MB)

Download Diablo II Original Loaders (8.1 MB)

Download DAEMON Tools (13 MB)

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SHA256 (Diablo_II_Mini_Images.zip) = 463031edd008bb8a1bea7af0f0a1ca7b300d4602bb0f39f2956f6e544a8a2701
SHA256 (Diablo_II_Original_Loaders.zip) = 3b043d637ac61fc6ba6cfed1b06739673b369e4ccc9a802f290fab741f81d423
SHA256 (DT_4.49.1.0356_Setup.exe) = 17761e85fbd73ba7f17f6862c530e982b8e5778fb509be6bcf749078c55f1bb0
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