[Platinum] Median XL - 2012 v005 - Brother Laz

Diablo II Mods that have been ported to Cactus, and quality controlled, will be listed here. Thus this section will only contain Platinum level mods.
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[Platinum] Median XL - 2012 v005 - Brother Laz

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Name: Median XL
Author: Brother Laz
Version: 2012 v005
Porter: fearedbliss
Maintainer: -

- 1.10 Cactus Platform
- Median XL 2012 v005

- Extract the platform into your Platforms Directory.
- Add an entry to Cactus that launches Game.exe.

Known Issues
- None

- 1.10 Cactus Platform - https://github.com/fearedbliss/Cactus
- Median XL 2012 v005 - https://www.moddb.com/mods/median-xl/downloads/median-xl-2012-v005
- Median XL 2012 v005 Home Page - https://modsbylaz.vn.cz/welcome.html

Patch Notes
>>> Median XL 2012 v005
for Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10 and later
Mods by Brother Laz



- Ghost Arrow: now gains an extra arrow every 5 hard points, up from 7 hard points.
- Barrage: increased flat magic damage.

- Fairy Ring: massively increased flat fire damage.

- Lava Pit: doubled damage at all levels.

- Takedown: reduced health regen per kill from 5% to 2.5%.
- Great Hunt: damage listed in skill description is now correct.

- Wild and Free: now gives faster hit recovery instead of stamina; movement speed self-synergy not affected.
- Ecstatic Frenzy: increased flat magic damage, added self-synergy.

- Curare: increased damage per second, reduced duration.


- Batstrike: nova now has 20% chance to knock back; reduced bat health by 20% to prevent overflow.
- Queen of Blades: reduced delay between shots from 1 second to 0.8 seconds.

- Scorpion Blade: now gains an extra knife every 6 hard points into Maelstrom MkIV, up from 10 hard points.
- Storm Crows: increased damage per knife from 1/2 WDM to 3/4 WDM, but reduced knife count and capped knife bonus out of combat at 20.
- Maelstrom MkIV: increased damage per flechette from 1/4 WDM to 1/2 WDM and increased flat damage by 50%, reduced number of flechettes per nova from 16 to 8.

- Bionetic Blast: reduced mana cost by 25%.
- Psionic Storm: reduced mana cost by 33%; increased damage radius from 4.6 yards to 6.6 yards; added damage per second to description.


- Bloodhatred: now grants 2*lvl worth of fire/cold/lightning pierce when the buff is active.

- Screaming Eagle: increased nova speed; reduced ND so the nova does not cancel out other piercing attacks.
- Overkill: reduced damage per axe from 3/4 WDM to 3/5 WDM.

- Wolf Companion: increased Doom damage bonus.

- Immortal: increased avoidance rate at all levels by 5%.


- Laughing Ghost (replaces Blindside): shoots a bone flayer across a set distance, where it explodes and deals damage around it.
- Cascade: now starts at 9 targets, up from 6.

- Egg Trap: increased flat fire damage.

- Pummel: now converts 10% of your physical damage to magic damage.
- Circle of Life: made completely useless due to certain complaints from certain people that a tank with little aoe and a slow kill speed is actually hard to kill.
- Wildfire: mana cost now starts lower but slowly increases with skill level.
- Idol of Scosglen: reduced starting speed penalty by 10%.

- Plague Avatar: increased minimum damage.
- Summon Acid Fiends: added 33% chance to avoid damage.


- Summon Lamia: reduced mana cost by 40%.

- Embalming: reduced max health bonus per hard point from 5% to 4%.
- Bane: greatly increased radius of effect.
- Talon's Hold: reduced slow by 10% and reanimate chance by 5% at all levels.


- Increased base cast rate with 1h swing weapons.

- Lionheart: defense bonus is now linear.
- Sunstorm: is no longer a channeled spell, this fixes the delayed damage bug and enables the skill to be affected by cast rate.

- Black Sleep: now has only 66% chance to convert each target in the area (this is a buff, it causes monster infighting).
- Symphony of Destruction: greatly increased minimum damage.

- Blessed Life: now gives 2% damage reduction per level, down from 3%.
- Plague: increased damage per second, reduced duration, now correctly affects Scourge.
- Resurrect: increased movement speed of resurrected monsters.


- Living Flame: now gives 20+blvl*blvl*2 flat health, down from 20+blvl*blvl*3.

- Forked Lightning: increased maximum damage.
- Nova Charge: increased maximum damage.

- Miasma: reduced number of submissiles to reduce graphics load.
- Carpet of Spiders: increased minimum damage.

- Moonstrike: health % bonus is now linear and capped at +35%.



- You may need to refind Thunder Machine and Athulua's Command: their procs no longer work due to the replacement of Blindside. Newly found ones do have Blindside.

Drop rates

- Reduced unique bias of Act bosses to prevent farming runs.

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SHA256: 36feb7edcfc5fb1a9976c7fbd4329b747a572eb2fb7269cd0c316c75574332aa
Download Here
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