Singling Support for 1.09b Final Edition

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Re: Singling Support for 1.09b Final Edition

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EDIT: A thought occured to me today. If you are willing/able, perhaps you can share the fixed DLL with those changes already performed? Would make it much easier for a noob like me to just drop that file in! :D

Hey, thanks! I do see the spike now on CPU0, but it seems to go bye-bye as soon as select a character and launch a game. I did follow those steps you outlined just to see if that'd make a difference, but I don't think it worked because I didn't spot any changes when using the new DLL. And how do I know the changes to the DLL were saved successfully? Because I noticed when I go to close the window after completing the steps I get the following message:
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Re: Singling Support for 1.09b Final Edition

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Regarding the CPU fix, in the 1.09f mod it is only fixed in game and not in the main menu. This is because I tried fixing it in menu and calling the sleep function made it lag really bad. They redid that code in 1.10 so the menu sleeps while minimized, and it can be patched and will not lag, but not in pre 1.10.
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Re: Singling Support for 1.09b Final Edition

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@galaxyhaxz is correct. Many years ago, when I first implemented the fix for the main menu as well in Singling for 1.00 - 1.09b, I added the following disclaimer to the Singling Documentation:
If you experience extreme lag in the Main Menu for versions 1.00-1.09b, try using cnc-ddraw, this should fix it. If for whatever reason that still doesn't work, you'll need to revert the CPU fix for the Main Menu specifically (You'll still have the fix for Single Player and LAN). Simply replace the D2Win.dll you are currently using with the one in the Singling Stock Directory for the affected version.
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