How to reduce image sizes to upload to forum attachment

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How to reduce image sizes to upload to forum attachment

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Hey all,

As you all know, the forum currently has a 2 MB limit on each attachment posted. This is primarily to keep the server storage requirements down since most of the images people will be uploading on the forums will be in-game screenshots which take around 300-500 KB. Although sometimes we want to upload other types of images, or desktop screenshots, etc, which could go up to even 5-6 MB+. For these situations, I recommend using ImageMagick to reduce the file size to 75% or lower, and/or strip out any additional image metadata that isn't needed for these purposes.

You can download the Windows build of ImageMagick and run the following command:

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magick mogrify -quality 65 <image file name>
Due note that the following command will do an in-place overwrite of the image, so make sure to back up the image first before doing the compression so that if you need to re-run the command with a different quality value, you could re-run the command on the original image.

- fearedbliss
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