So you're big on owning physical media?

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So you're big on owning physical media?

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@Manny ;D

This is my GB/GBC/GBA collection. All of these cartridges are fully backed up (legally) using the ROM dumper (Joey Jr) you see on the bottom left. Over the years I've owned a few DS Lites (and one of those DS Lites is actually the original DS Lite I bought around 2006/2007 when it first came out. It still works but the shoulder buttons are dead, and the price of repairing (Even myself) exceeds the cost of buying a used DS Lite on eBay. Either way, I still wanted to have a hardware - future proof - solution, so continiously buying DS Lites wasn't an option. I tried many different emulation systems, with different aspect ratios and form factors, and ultimately I liked the Anbernic RG351P (Which is the black one you see at the bottom) and it's running 351ELEC (Based on Ubuntu). It's been rock solid. I pretty much don't need to upgrade anymore, but I'm just happy that the state of these third party systems is good enough for me and that they are just gonna keep getting better. I wanted to get the Analogue Pocket for a while but given it kept getting delayed, and it's pretty expensive, I decided that the Anbernic (or other third party systems) route was a more affordable and convenient choice.

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Re: So you're big on owning physical media?

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Dudeee...that is a sweet collection! Thanks for sharing. /jealous

I have a very similar master plan with my Wii U. I have one year left before Nintendo shuts down the e-shop (for Wii U). Currently that e-shop is where one can still legally purchase tons of great virtual console games from the GBA, NES, SNES, N64, TurboGrafx, and of course Wii & Wii U titles. Games like Super Mario RPG and Earthbound which are now stupid expensive in physical form can still be digitally downloaded (legally), and played via the Wii U's HDMI port on a modern TV. I have a few great GBA games already such as Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Super Mario Advance 2, and Wario Land 4.

Once I get the rest of the games I want I'll be dumping them all to my PC for safe keeping, and then eventually (all hardware will die someday) when my Wii U bites the dust, I will just load them on CEMU for what will probably be a better experience anyway (Breath of the Wild in 60 fps, etc.)

I will need to do a little more research, but I think I found a way to dump my Wii U games without jailbreaking/hacking it as well. :D

And I'd love something/anything from Analogue, but especially the Duo when that finally comes out (if ever?). I've never owned a NEC system.
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Re: So you're big on owning physical media?

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This is awesome. I still have my original see through clear game boy pocket, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon TCG. I have played Blue a gazillion times and the save battery finally died. I played through TCG a few years back and then played the Japanese conversion TCG 2 on a PC emulator, both are amazing games. I'd like to retire all 3 items to a lightbox to display in my theater/game room.
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