Mirror Cleanups - Sept 2022

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Mirror Cleanups - Sept 2022

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Hey all,

Below are some changes I've recently done to clean up and streamline the patch mirrors for Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, and anything else I'm mirroring:
- I've consolidated and streamlined the D2 Classic and LOD versions. Since versions of D2 Classic after 1.06b overlap with the LOD counterparts, I've removed all D2 Classic versions after 1.06b. The beta patches are now in the "beta" folder (1.10b (Beta 1), 1.10s (Beta 2), 1.13a).

This saves space, and also matches what I've already done with Cactus, which is that versions from 1.00-1.06b in the Platforms folder, are Classic specific. The rest of the versions are derived from the 1.07+ LOD patch files. Classic can of course still continue to be played in 1.07+ versions by unchecking the "Expansion" box.

- The same consolidation has occurred for Starcraft and Warcraft Patches as well. In this case, All Starcraft (Original - Not Brood War) have been removed, since those exact versions are covered by the Brood War equivalents.

- I've removed the extra BW-116-1.zip file that Blizzard is providing. The hashes between the BW-116-1.exe and BW-116-1.exe that's inside of the BW-116-1.zip, are different, so I've picked the one that Blizzard was hosting in their root directory rather than the zip file that was also hosted in the same folder. I also downloaded and checked the hashes of ModdDB's copy of BW-116-1.exe and also another random website that had the patch, and they also had the same hashes as the BW-116-1.exe that I'm keeping.

- I attempted to start collecting the remaining patches Blizzard released for Starcraft, before they closed down their FTP server's public access. I was able to find one (BW-1170.exe), but given the changes I saw being introduced (which overlap with some of the changes they introduced in D2 1.14d - Telemetry and just general hardening of stuff), I've decided not to mirror any patches after 1.16.1.

- Removed the "InstFix.exe" file, not sure what it's for but seems it's related to the original Starcraft (Not Brood War). I've kept the Brood War equivalent: BwlFix.exe.
You can see how the new layout and remaining files look like below:

Diablo 1 + 2 Patches

Starcraft: Brood War Patches

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Patches
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