Older Player Revisiting A Favourite Game

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Older Player Revisiting A Favourite Game

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I played D2 classic back in the day and got the expansion when it came out. I remember playing on battle.net. I played Diablo III quite a bit but it never had the same feel.

Seeing that Blizzard had released Diablo 2: Ressurected rekindled my interest but I thought I'd try the original again before buying the new game. I'm not sure I will buy it as I only want to play single player and I'm not sure I want to see balance patches etc from the modern company.

I was playing the latest patch but your site has intrigued me: do I want to play patch 1.10 instead?
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Re: Older Player Revisiting A Favourite Game

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Hey hedgesparrow,

Welcome to the Forum :).

I'm a bit of a Blizzard North lover <3 haha, so personally I try to stick within all of the versions that they developed since I feel they were the ones that had the authority to make architectural changes. Personally I consider everything after Peter Hu left as non-canon (So when Peter released 1.10 on October 28, 2001), that was the last canon version of the game. When Blizzard released the 1.10 Ladder Runewords many months later during the second season of 1.10, all of the Blizzard North leadership, and Peter Hu (The Chief Architect of 1.10), had already left the company, so for me I don't consider it canon, and so goes all of the other patches.

I also agree with you regarding the changes happening in D2R. Over the past few months my opinion on this has definitely evolved and I think there is definitely room for both games but in different ways. I was watching one of TheJungleQueen and David Brevik's streams, and there was a moment where basically they were saying that Diablo II is Diablo II, it's already released, and nobody can change it (Or something along the spirit of those lines). This made me reflect about it over the past few months and I think they are right. So now, I'm viewing D2R not as "Real/True Diablo II", Diablo II is Diablo II, nobody can change it, it's been released, archived, and it's been here for the past 20+ years. D2R is basically a D2 Mod. It's Blizzard's Official Diablo II Mod with updated graphics and all of that. So viewing it in that way, I feel I'm ok if Blizzard goes batshit crazy and changes whatever they want in the game, part of me even encourages it, but at the same time, I feel content in knowing that I'm personally still focusing on the original game that I grew up playing and still continue to play to this day, and knowing nobody can change that or change it, makes me feel much better and knowing that I can play any version of the game, and still have full offline capabilities and LAN play. I also feel because of that view, I do still feel happy that newer generations of players can experience the game in fancier graphics. A lot of people nowadays don't play games that "don't look pretty", lol .. so I suppose this will help. If I watch someone's D2R youtube video of them playing HC and dying, I still feel their pain lol.

So with that said, I would personally recommend 1.10 if you want to play the latest version possible that was still directly developed by Blizzard North, it's also the version of the game I started playing back during the first ladder season of 1.10, so I have a bit of nostalgia for it as well haha, even though I usually spend my time mostly in pre-1.10 patches.

- fearedbliss
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