Echoes of the Abyss

If you are retiring/finished playing a character, the character has died, or another reason where remembrance is deemed, this is the place for thee.
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Echoes of the Abyss

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The Halls of Echo is a new forum dedicated specifically for everyone to post screenshots, stories, and builds for characters that they have either:
  • Retired (Finished Playing / Decided to Archive)
  • Died (HC)
  • Or another reason where this character will no longer be played (Self Ladder Reset)
Since I only play on Offline Single Player, every once in a while I'll do my own "ladder reset", where I will basically just delete all of my saves for all versions and start completely from scratch. If you are using Cactus, it's as simple as just wiping your entire Saves directory. I also sometimes wipe the Platforms directory as well and freshly install the desired platforms from Cactus/Singling).

Recently, my Wife recommended a new strategy for me to do which is, instead of deleting my Saves completely, I could just archive them and move them to some other location and never play them anymore. This allows me to "revisit" the char information if I needed it. Essentially it's my own Historical Ladder Leaderboard that I can revisit in the future (i.e What happened during Ladder 1? Ladder 2?). So I'll soon start a new personal ladder with a new version combination - based on new thoughts of the historical game overall - and move all of my existing chars over to my NAS.

If anyone does something similar or just wants a place to let everyone know and "record" their character's memory, the Halls of Echo is the perfect place to do so.

- fearedbliss
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