[RESOLVED] [Diablo II] Moving Cactus To A New Computer

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[RESOLVED] [Diablo II] Moving Cactus To A New Computer

Post by Manny »

Hi --

I'm in the process of building a new computer that will eventually be the new home to my Cactus/Diablo II Platforms, and I have a couple questions after reading this section here on the GitHub page: https://github.com/fearedbliss/Cactus#m ... w-computer

1.) Will I first need to install Diablo II & LoD the traditional way via the Blizzard installers and/or CD's (in order to generate the registry stuff in Windows)? The GitHub page doesn't mention this and it sounds like I can just copy my entire Diablo II folder to it's new home, click Reset, and I'm done. It can't be that easy, can it?

2.) Will the MPQ fixer need to be run again? I'm assuming the answer is no since they are already fixed in my current root directory.

These feel like stupid questions but I rather be safe than sorry :P
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Re: [Diablo II] Moving Cactus To A New Computer

Post by fearedbliss »

Yo @Manny,

1. That's correct. You can pretty much just copy it and run it. When you run the game, Diablo II should create a basic set of Registry entries anyways so that alone should be good enough. You are already using cnc-ddraw as your video renderer so I don't think you need to do any further configuration since from my testing, not having a video config defaults to DirectDraw. If anything you can add one registry key (Check the README-RENDERERS) to tell it to use DirectDraw explicitly (you don't need to do this if it already works).

Also, as long as you have the core MPQ files and the D2.LNG file, you don't need anything else. Cactus provides everything except for the assets.

2. That's correct. The MPQs are already fixed.

Let me know how it goes :).

- fearedbliss
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