[Succulent] 2023-11-20-0830 is now available! (Minor Release)

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[Succulent] 2023-11-20-0830 is now available! (Minor Release)

Post by fearedbliss »

Hello all,

Succulent 2023-11-20-0830 is now available! This is a minor release primarily focusing on the main menu artwork and audio. All main menu screens have now been reverted to a Customized Original Classic Theme. I still retained LOD menu navigations but the artwork is classic. I've also re-did the Character Creation screen so it now has a much darker tone which I like. The Main Menu theme song has also been changed to something darker. Lastly, I re-implemented the font fix for the 5/6 ambiguity. I hope you like all of these changes and the new tone :twisted:.
- Some Main Menu backgrounds have been improved to include the LOD logo.
- The character creation screen now is darker. Eliminates the "Amazon on Box" situation and improves horror feeling.
- The ambiguity between the number 5 and 6 has been fixed (again).

- The Main Menu screens are now back to the Original Classic Theme (with some customizations).
- The Main Menu now has a Darker Theme Song.
You can download the latest version from the Succulent page. To install, just replace the Succulent platform in your Platforms folder with the new one, click "Reset", and Launch.

- fearedbliss

Customized Original Classic Theme

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Re: [Succulent] 2023-11-20-0830 is now available! (Minor Release)

Post by Manny »

That's pretty neat @fearedbliss. Can't wait to try this on Sunday (currently away on vacay)

I bet you used a D1 track for the music? I'll find out soon enough :twisted:
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