Patch 1.01 [Hellfire]

All patch information for Diablo I and Hellfire.
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Patch 1.01 [Hellfire]

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NOTE: Hellfire is based off Diablo 1 v1.04. So most of the bugs fixed in Diablo 1 after 1.04 most likely are still in Hellfire.

Hellfire (European/US)
Version 1.01
January 13, 1998
  • Fixed Gossip (same gossip from each towner every time)
  • Fixed disappearing quests (upon re-entering the town level, quest statuses were incorrectly cleared through array bounds overstep).
  • Fixed generating spell books by Adria (would "morph" on new game).
  • Fixed the bug where picking up gold when your inventory is full duplicates the gold in your hand and fills your gold slot.
  • Fixed the Berserk spell to prevent crashes (large numbers of berserk monsters occasionally attacked dead monsters).
  • Fixed inactive monsters to prevent same kind of crash as above
  • Fixed entering levels; had crashed on some systems (seemingly randomly).
  • Fixed doppelganger's items to not clone Diablo
  • Fixed generating rings of fire behind a wall.
  • Sped up monk's open-hand attack (users complained he should be faster with feet than with the sweeping staff).
  • Various small internal fixes to prevent potential misbehavior.
  • Fixed monster hitpoint variable type for tough monsters (some monsters, especially in Nightmare/Hell difficulty, had way fewer hit points than specified)
  • Changed Search spell to show items on automap, too (users complained they couldn't find things behind solid walls in Caves, Nest, Crypt).
  • Fix to unique items changing between games (veil of steel, arkaine's valor, etc).
  • Fixed to dropping and picking back up oiled items (bonus was lost).
  • Fixed Cathedral Map activation crash bug
  • Added sounds to Mana Drain and Disenchant traps
  • Monster hit points in Nightmare/Hell are +100/200 instead of +1.5/+3
  • Fixed monster stats display in Nightmare/Hell to reflect the halving.
  • Balance/Stability/Harmony now does something

The following wasn't in the Patch 1.01 notes but it was in the Patch 1.01 Hellfire.txt file which provided troubleshooting instructions. This particular section is relevant:


Problem: The game crashes constantly in the Festering Nest and/or the Demon Crypt.
Solution: You must install the New Music and Sound option to use the Festering Nest and/or the Demon Crypt. If you have installed the new sounds, and continue to have problems in the Festering Nest or the Demon Crypt, press the ESC key while in the game to access the game menu. Go to Options and turn the music level all the way down.

Problem: The screen goes black in the Festering Nest after using a Town Portal or the stairs.
Solution: Simply click on the screen to move your character and the screen will return to normal.

Problem: During play, some of the keyboard keys become disabled (Example: ESC, F6)
Solution: Exit the game and reboot the computer.

Problem: I lost $5,000 gold pieces after un-equipping the Auric Amulet.
Solution: Certain conditions (such as trying to pick up a pile of over 5000 gold with a full inventory) may cause some of that gold to be "lost" when using the Auric Amulet.

Problem: When using the Monk the game seems too easy.
Solution: A high level Monk on Normal difficulty can do some serious damage, even to Diablo or Na-Krul. Try playing the game at a higher difficulty level.

Problem: There are no new/unique items.
Solution: The new items are unique and therefore rare. This is not a technical problem with the game. The new items are just as rare as the unique items in Diablo™.

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