Hellfire 1.01 Available and Extracted

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Hellfire 1.01 Available and Extracted

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Due to the Hellfire Updater (hf101.exe) being completely broken on 64 bit systems (The updater will not open up at all), I've used the application "UniExtract" to force open the .exe and extract the files myself. Therefore, all you need to do is copy the files in the "extracted" directory and replace the equivalent files that were originally installed by Hellfire when you first installed the game, which should be at version 1.00. I'm also providing the original unextracted .exe for historical archiving purposes and also in case anyone needs to do any security file verification checks and cross reference the files I've provided. They should both be identical and in a vanilla state.

Download Hellfire Patch 1.01

- fearedbliss
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