Hob (by Runic Games)

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Hob (by Runic Games)

Post by Manny »

Yo --

A heads up in case anyone might be interested -- this game is currently for sale on GOG for $4.99.

It was developed by Runic Games, which was a team lead by some former Blizzard North developers, and also has music by Matt Uelmen.

I've never actually played this one, but have always been curious about it. For this price, I was happy to pick it up today, and grow my collection of DRM-free games.

Once I get to playing it I will share my feedback. ;)


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Re: Hob (by Runic Games)

Post by fearedbliss »

Thanks for letting us know. I'm definitely gonna pick it up. I did heard about it back in the day. That was Runic's last game but they were already struggling at that point. I do remember them talking about how they wanted to do story narration without words or something.


Purchase complete.
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