[Succulent] 2023-04-21-2000 is now publicly available!

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[Succulent] 2023-04-21-2000 is now publicly available!

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Hello all,

I would like to officially announce the first public release of Succulent, 2023-04-21-2000. This is the first release since I've rebooted the development of my mod basically from scratch. I'm extremely excited to get back into the world of Succulent, and I hope that everyone enjoys the endless new possibilities that await.

You can visit the official Succulent page below (a download link is also available there):


Please also feel free to post your adventures in the new Succulent forum. If you experience any Succulent specific bugs, you can report them in there as well. Do not report any standard 1.09b bugs that existed, I will not be fixing those.

Have fun!

- fearedbliss
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