[WONT FIX] Alpaca Error - 1.09b

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Mar 6, 2022
Hi -- (please see attachment)

This is now the second time I’ve seen this error message, and I have no idea what the cause is.

It only affects my 1.09b as that’s the only Platform I use that uses Alpaca.

I’ve tried using the \"Reset\" button in Cactus but that doesn’t help.

Restarting the PC appears to fix the problem, but I’d like to get to the bottom of it if possible.
This is unfortunately an error that happens sometimes with Alpaca and PlugY. I’ve written some code to try and help with that but there isn’t really anything else I can do. The only things I hear people usually mention that helps is restarting your computer. Also remember Alpaca is something I’m not really maintaining anymore and I don’t personally use it either but I’ve left it up for people that want to use it.

This error is also already documented here:

[mention]fearedbliss[/mention] Ah! So this is a known issue.

In that case I will wean myself off of using Alpaca. It was useful for a time but now that I’ve gotten the hang of Cactus & the new labeling system, it is time to put the ole beast to rest.

Thanks again ;)
Yup exactly. It’s better to just use the original game and not have to deal with all this extra (potentially unstable) code.
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