Torchlight 1 & 2 Physical Releases


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Dec 19, 2021
Hey all,

So I recently purchased TL1 and TL2 on a physical disc (I already own TL1 / TL2 from past digital purchases like Steam or Humble Bundle). For the TL1 CD, I was able to install it and it came with version 1.13 of the game (1.15 seems to be the latest). I also bought a replacement CD case since the one that I got from eBay was worn out and had stickers on it lol. For the TL2 physical release, it was only ever released physically through a partnership made with IndieBox. The good news is that I received the product and was able to redeem the TL2 Steam key that it provided. The bad news is that the installation CD is actually not for a DRM free version of the game (Which is really the reason I purchased it), it’s actually just a CD that installs Steam and contains the .CSD / .CSM files (aka Steam Game Backup). So sad. I decided to re-buy TL1 and TL2 from GOG so that I could get a DRM free version of the game. These days I tend to buy my games off GOG whenever possible due to the DRM free situation, and avoid purchasing any further content on Steam due to the DRM. Luckily as of 2022-02-13 @ 10:18 ET, GOG is selling TL1 and TL2 at 50% off so I only had to pay about $17.50 USD for both DRM free games. After that I just downloaded and backed up the Offline Installers :). The TL1 offline installer has the latest version (1.15) and the TL2 offline installer is also up to date at version

Torchlight 1 on GOG (DRM Free)
Torchlight 2 on GOG (DRM Free)

- fearedbliss

A quick update on the TL2 Physical Edition I got. I was finally able to sell it on eBay a few weeks ago. I’m very happy about that given what I mentioned before about me originally buying it because I wanted a DRM-free version of the installation disc. The one that came with the IndieBox one was actually a Steam-backup burnt onto a CD. Most CDs nowadays for newer games are actually Steam backups, so be careful about that. Luckily I’ve shifted my focus to not buying any DRM games anymore _at all_ or buying games that require an online connection. So this naturally lead me to continue expanding my PC Classic Games collection, which honestly, is all I need. I can spend my time exploring those games and doing more important things in my life than trying to buy \"modern games\".

If you want TL2 DRM-Free (Digital), make sure to get it from GOG at the link I posted in the OP.