The Moving Caravan: New Platform, Updates, and Future Plans!


Staff member
Mar 6, 2022
Hello all,

As discussed recently in this post, The Moving Caravan has returned, and is here to stay!

To begin, I want to announce that the original vision and purpose of the forums remains the same. This is a community of classic Diablo II and LoD enthusiasts, and a place where we can share our knowledge and experiences concerning this beloved game.

Technically, as mentioned by @fearedbliss, there have been some changes. The transition from phpBB to Xenforo as the community platform was something that I carefully considered, and ultimately decided on as a means to improve the overall user experience, and also to provide a solid foundation for the site's future evolution. Much like Jon, I am a fervent supporter of free & open source software (FOSS), however, there are certain use-cases, and companies, which I will support when their development goals (and business practices) align with my own. Long story short, Xenforo fits that criteria, and so far I'm quite pleased with the results. I hope you guys like it too.

Concerning access to the forums, I wanted to make a few points:

Firstly, of note is that currently The Moving Caravan is hosted here:

What does this mean? In practice, not much. I wanted to share this, however, as an FYI to avoid any confusion, and because some links will continue to show as the domain. My plans are to eventually migrate everything over to the original domain. In the meantime, thanks to @fearedbliss, the forums are already completely accessible at Therefore, accessing the site from either domain will grant you the same experience, and ultimately, the domain will serve as a redirect for the original URL. You are free to use whichever one you prefer. ;)

Beyond these points, there are two minor updates to the forums today:
  • Links and Resources is now stickied at Rogue Encampment, and has been cleaned up a bit. For instance, the crafting recipes have been removed (the links were broken), however, they will return in the near future in an upcoming feature update to the forums. Stay tuned. ;)
  • Patch Notes (Diablo II) is now a sub-forum of Rogue Encampment. The sub-forum Patch Notes (Diablo I) remains at Tristram.

Thanks guys. I'm so glad we're back, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to start a conversation with me. ;)

- Manny