[Succulent] Drops Thread

fearedbliss said:
So that means in 1.07 crafted items can have affixes. And I’ve read online about larzuk adding maximum sockets to an item, and imbuing of crafted items are possible. So I’m thinking that some insane 6 socket bow, crafted, and imbued is possible, and then you can add some insanity to the sockets for extra goodness (maybe a bunch of bers if you can even find one haha). Mix that with the fact that CB is not nerfed at all for ranged weapons, and you have some godly stuff right there. Again from the 1.08 patch notes:

- Crushing blow is 50% less effective with bows.
- Crushing blow is affected by physical resistance.

Yea ... 1.07/1.08 is a very interesting time period that I haven’t explored that much, just a little with those chars I played before.

Holy shit that’s awesome about the crafted items having affixes... and then Larzuk adding maximum sockets...

Imagine crafting a GG six socket hydra or shadow bow with CB... hmmm... could it rival WF???

It’s thought provoking, lol
I would say it’s definitely stronger simply because CB is not nerfed. As for those rares, that’s crazy. The -30% req reduction dropped that Monarch from like 156 to 110 .. that’s insane. Succulent gives me hope that I’ve improved the 1.09 rare item generation lol, over time I’ll think about other things I can do within the existing structure of the game that can further improve those rare item generations and other stuff (without actually going into unique item rebalancing and all of that).
fearedbliss said:
I would say it’s definitely stronger simply because CB is not nerfed. As for those rares, that’s crazy. The -30% req reduction dropped that Monarch from like 156 to 110 .. that’s insane. Succulent gives me hope that I’ve improved the 1.09 rare item generation lol, over time I’ll think about other things I can do within the existing structure of the game that can further improve those rare item generations and other stuff (without actually going into unique item rebalancing and all of that).

This is great man... now I want to make a 1.07 Bowazon.

And yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of Succulent lately, mainly because of the improved rares. :geek:

Yo, you and [mention]galaxyhaxz[/mention] should team up on a 1.09 mod. You could name it \"Final Frosting\", lmfao. :lol:

Think of the possibilities... final edition tweaks like the bug fixes(BeRserker axe, haha), .08 uniques, plus your rare item improvements, and no level requirements. Tyrael would rejoice at such a mod!

P.S. give me a toggle for that increased stash so I can turn it off. OG stash only for me ;)
Lol Final Frosting will use only classic stash, the one and only. Lod stash size is heresy? I only want to have half the size with a giant chest handle on my screen. It ain’t a stash if I don’t see a handle.
fearedbliss said:
Lol Final Frosting will use only classic stash, the one and only. Lod stash size is heresy? I only want to have half the size with a giant chest handle on my screen. It ain’t a stash if I don’t see a handle.

Lol Nooo... LoD stash is fine... :lol: :cry:

Classic stash won’t work in ATMA... :mrgreen: ;)
Seeing some of the drops in this thread, coupled with the recent updates to this mod really makes me want to give it a try!
Word. Just say the word [mention]Nemesis[/mention]. I gotchu on full rush & p64 hell cows.

It’s a very tasteful mod, IMO. I don’t love every single choice (just give me reg LoD stash plz :mrgreen:), but to me it feels like a Vanilla+.

And considering Vanilla D2 1.09 is my favorite game of all time, that’s high praise. ;)
[mention]Manny[/mention] Lol so one of the main reasons the stash is bigger is not only to just be able to carry more stuff during a game session (and remember Classic Succulent also has an expanded stash.. and Classic definitely needed it), the because it allows one to massively reduce the amount of mules needed because every level 1 mule has a giant stash. A long time ago the cube was increased to 10x8 as well and every new character started with a cube, so you get maximum use storage space for the mules. I don’t use third party muling apps like ATMA and GoMule but I have used them a long time ago. I also want people to reduce the number of external applications they use since it allows the game to run lighter and more stable without all of that extra custom code. So that’s why I discourage the use of my Alpaca stash mod even though I still did all the work many years ago and still keep it available. ATMA even has a bug where it would add an indestructible mod to Eth items I believe which is a behavior I wouldn’t want my items to automagically receive.

I’m not objectively against making the small the original sizes for both modes but atm I still think the bigger stash has more pros than cons given the situation. If we reduce muling that also helps with keeping your current map seed for longer as well (again I personally don’t keep my seeds or restored them but I thought about it in the past. IMO keeping the seed is just boring. You’ll just be doing the same exact map forever lol.. just let it go and find another one when the time is right. Everything is temporary, enjoy the ride and the randomization. It’s interesting seeing what new layouts the game generates).

I definitely hear you bro. I understand your approach/rationale on this. I think for a person returning to the game, if they stick to just one 1.09 platform, and choose only Succulent, it does makes sense to have/give them a larger stash. Because, why not?

However, for someone like me, who jumps between the two (Vanilla & Succulent), and who first started on Vanilla, the lack of compatibility between the stash sizes is what poses an annoyance. Because of the expanded stash, I’m unable to launch my 1.09 characters in Vanilla if they have any items in the expanded area of the Succulent stash. That is actually my main gripe, and it just happens to be the case that ATMA isn’t compatible with it either.

Regarding ATMA, IMO it poses several great benefits beyond keeping a map seed, which is why it’s become an integral part of my D2 arsenal. For one, it’s super convenient to simply tab out of my game/into ATMA, and perform an item transfer and/or backup with a few quick clicks of the mouse. There’s a considerable time savings there in contrast to firing up a new instance, hosting a game, creating and/or finding the correct mule out of my dozens, and then performing the actual xfer in town with myself. I have amassed an insane amount of items in the past 1.5+ years since returning to the game. I am a collector, lol. I have a LOT of mules, and organizing them is nightmarish without a dedicated tool for managing them. However, with ATMA, they are all neatly organized, in alphabetical order, and separated in the directories of my choosing. I have several mules for complete sets, for uniques based on item type, for magic items based on item type, etc. etc.

Now, would I be using ATMA if there was a better solution in-game? I’m not sure, but at that point it would be a much harder decision, because I do agree with your premise that it’s better to leave out third-party tools when possible. However, after many months of using it, ATMA feels like a worthy companion. The guy who developed it was obviously very passionate and made many refinements/improvements over it’s development. Now, I’m all for someone building a mod where ATMA-like functionality is integrated within D2. That would be sick! I’m not talking about something like PlugY, though. Endless stash tabs is not an elegant solution at all, and feels very un-Blizzard (North) to me. But I digress. ATMA just ticks many checkboxes, and is superior to LAN muling in every way, IMO.

Regarding the map seed... I do appreciate your perspective. As for me, I am more of a completionist type of player myself. I enjoy seeing my entire map revealed, getting all the waypoints, knowing exactly where Abaddon is, where my LK super chests are at, my Cairn Stones in Stony field, etc, etc. I cycle through maps on each character, until I find one I love, and then I keep it forever <3

Anyways, love talking Diablo II with you my friend! One of the things that I really appreciate about all your mods, is that every decision you make is extremely well thought out, and carefully considered. You are obviously very passionate about the game (I think even moreso than me, which is honestly kinda scary to imagine :lol:).

P.S. Never experienced or heard about that indestructible bug. Will need to keep an eye out for that one!
Haha definitely. I mean used ATMA for a but I spend a lot longer using GoMule. I even made some projects (which are no longer available) based off of some GoMule logic a while ago. So since you know I like to keep all of the versions and any changes (like Singling) compatible with any core versions as possible, and even if there is no Singling, Cactus should work seamlessly with all versions, I wanted to make sure that everything is as streamlined and uniform as possible without increasing my maintenance burden too much. So when I have something like Alpaca (or even PlugY) only work on specific versions of the game (I.e 1.09+), it doesn’t make me happy lol, especially since a lot of the versions I’ve been exploring over the last few years have been in the 1.05-1.08 territory. Having as little tools a possible and as little modifications as possible means I can focus on game stability and preservation and just enjoy the game for what it is and not have to think of the version. I can jump into 1.05b and not worry or feel bad that no muling applications work pre 1.07 (with ATMA being the only 1.07 option).

Regarding Succulent <> Vanilla 1.09 chars, so Succulent is an independent mod so my goal is definitely not to maintain any sort of compatibility with Vanilla. I think that’s where your frustration is coming in lol. I know you are transferring back and forth but basically the mod is really designed for the player to make a Succulent char and stay within Succulent. I could have implemented a file format change to block the import/export of chars from Vanilla but I didn’t want to do that.

Regarding the stash sizes and Blizzard North, so basically if we look at David Brevik’s philosophy on this (and probably agreed by some of the other devs), players were never meant to keep so many items. The point was to force a decision making process where a player has to decide what to keep and what to throw out. In Diablo 1, there was no stash. If you were playing Single Player, you could get away with it (for a bit) by throwing things out on the floor. Since the game world state was completely saved (like Torchlight 1 and 2), you could just keep them on the floor and only clean up if you wanted to re roll your map. In MP D1 the map re rolled every time so you only kept what you were carrying in your inventory / equipped items. In D2 they added a very small stash b when it came out (Classic) again emphasizing that you weren’t really suppose to keep a lot of stuff. Lod doubled the size but they didn’t make it infinite, add stash pages, or anything else. No shared stash either. That makes me think that Single Player characters weren’t even suppose to be twinked (although battle.net obviously thinking was possible and encouraged). I think most of would say that twinking and muling are pretty fun parts of the game, at least it’s one way to play.

If we expand into the future a bit and see what some of the devs did with Hellgate London, TL1, TL2, and It Lurks Below, we can see that HGL had a bigger stash than LOD but it still didn’t have a shared stash. TL1 was a single player only game but it included both a personal stash and a shared stash. TL2 was Single and Multiplayer and also included a personal and shared stash. It Lurks Below didn’t include a shared stash at launch and the personal stash had some pages IIRC, and no respecs. After about a year maybe, Brevik added a respec option that was suppose to be expensive (but it’s been a while since I’ve played so I can’t remember 100%), and he also added a shared stash, although idk how happy he was to do that but I believe the players were requesting it. HGL and TL1 didn’t have respecs at all, and TL2 had a limited respec system where you could only respec the last 3 skills you put points in. It’s interesting to see their evolutions.

Overall, I do really like the Classic small stash and the Lod stash size as well and I’m not too strong on keeping the expanded stash, so I’ll think about reverting the increased stash to allow for compatibility with the muling apps. This would be a breaking change since existing players will need to move all of their items to the safe zones in order not to lose them. I’m not really planning on adding anything crazy to Succulent so I think even if I did they should remain compatible although I don’t want to guarantee mule application or any other application compatibility because that would restrict my creative freedom and I don’t even use any third party apps other than cnc-draw and the dsoal/OpenAL for the 3D sound (and of course Cactus/Singling).
So I made a new char called Cirrus which will be a Benevolent Bear Druid. Don’t ask why he’s benevolent lol. Using Succulent 2023-11-22-2000 is already generating interesting items that have been a big help early on. The first magic item I found was a club that had 14 to stamina. I never found a weapon with stamina before (at least not that I can remember). Since early game we run out of stamina a lot, it’s helpful. I also noticed that the \"of Envy\" suffix is coming up relatively frequently. I already got two helmets that have it so that’s an immediate +20 psn dmg over 6~ seconds early on. Very nice. I’m also getting other minor damage affixes appearing on boots, belts, and a small charm. Every little bit helps and once I get strong enough I can start bumping `players`. I also forgot to mention, the shops are much more useful now because their magic items have the potential to also generate any affix, so who knows what you’ll find. Gambling (once you can afford it) will be extremely helpful. The Classic gambling rates are much better than Lod+ so not only do you have a nice chance of finding a unique or set, but rares can actually be really good.

fearedbliss said:
Finished A1 with Cirrus and got some more items. The Gnasher dropped from Smith so that was nice, plus I found a pair of Envy gloves :O.. I also found SC of the Bear (Knockback) lmfao!

Yeah, some of the finds in this mod are going to get insane. I am to clvl 42 now (started latest revision at level 10 or so), currently at A5 NM.

Hit A2 Hell. Did some NM cows to celebrate making it to hell (javazon after all...). Couple crazy finds: +1 Barb SC, Cruel Ring of FRW, Um rune. Also I know +2 skill tree GCs are possible! I got another skill GC but it wasn’t the same affix as normal (necro PNB). I also have a 40 IAS ring.

So this just happened, superchest in Arcane. [mention]fearedbliss[/mention] are the rune drop rates stock or no?? I mean there is a note in the README.md about Zod being available in chests in hell.

Congrats [mention]Nemesis[/mention]. Drop Rates are tuned in Succulent.
@Nemesis Congrats on Zod!!

The new & improved Succulent has been lots of fun so far. :D

A curious thing I just noticed:

My Fortuitous Ring of Fortune is now called Emerald Ring of Fortune. :?
Interesting [mention]Manny[/mention]. So the new cataclysmic changes have affected the existing affix of your ring?