[Singling] 2023-04-16-1900 is now available. Fixes Main Menu CPU Lag Bug.


Staff member
Dec 19, 2021
Hello all,

Singling 2023-04-16-1900 is now available for download as part of Cactus. This version of Singling fixes an old bug we’ve had in Singling for a while that was related to the Main Menu CPU fix implemented a few years ago. For many years this bug only happened in the main menu (not in game - which also has the cpu fix), and only happened when using the normal D2 renderer (primarily I tested it with -w flag). The workaround has been to use cnc-ddraw or one of the glide implementations. However for whatever reason, some people are experiencing the bug even on cnc-ddraw (although it hasn’t been happening for me though). Regardless, this bug is now fixed, and hopefully this solves the issue once and for all. The Main Menu CPU fix will work even if you use the regular D2 renderer in Window Mode. I’ve tested this only with cnc-ddraw and with the normal d2 renderer via -w (not full screen since the normal renderer FS usually has issues).

This release also includes a slight optimization to the In Game CPU Fix as well. The optimization theoretically should help the game run a bit smoother as well, so if you notice your game is smoother, it’s because of that :).

To install, make sure to copy the _all the files_ in the Singling folder for the version you are interested in, and replace the ones you have in your Platforms folder for the equivalent version. Afterwards, click the \"Reset\" button. You’ll now be able to run your game again with the new changes. Make sure to click the \"Backup\" button in Cactus before doing anything.

As always, you can download Singling as part of Cactus.

- fearedbliss