September 2022 - Recent Updates


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Dec 19, 2021
Hey all,

I’ve made a few clean ups, consolidations, and renaming, around the forum.

1. The slogan for the website no longer says:

A Diablo II Time Traveling Community (Original, Not Resurrected)

and is now:

A Diablo II Time Traveling Community (1.00 - 1.10)

Ever since I first launched the forum, I’ve made it clear that the forum’s main purpose is Diablo II Time Traveling within the context of all of the patches that Blizzard North made, which is 1.00 - 1.10. Given that there is no overlap between the D2 and D2R patch numbers, and also because I wanted to further make that version range intent visible, I renamed the slogan.

2. The HGL: 2007 and Torchlight sections have been consolidated and merged into a new forum called Bloodline. The forum is still within the Timeline Context category, but allows for more flexibility to discuss the work that the Blizzard North creator’s created after Diablo II (Hellgate: London (2007), Torchlight I and II, It Lurks Below, etc).

The Technical Support and Brotherhood of the Horadrim forums are also extended to the Bloodline games as well.

Have fun!