Cactus and all of my projects have been migrated over to Codeberg


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Dec 19, 2021
Hello all,

After the Github acquisition by Microsoft in 2019, I was skeptical that the platform would continue to remain a place where I would want to continue posting my code. At the time I had other issues I wanted to tackle first before coming back to revisit it, and there wasn't anything at the time that gave me a strong motivation to leave. So for the time being, I decided to stay. Fast forward a few years, and we have seen the integration of AI technology, particularly Copilot, and the way that it's automatically learning from code published on the platform and being used for a variety of purposes without consent. Even though most of my projects are Open Source, and I'm fine with /humans/ using the code for a variety of purposes, I did not consent for it being used with AI technology to train large language models. My code isn't GPL, so technically any sort of "derivitive" work is fine by me, but I do object to the auto-consumption of open source code (or even proprietary code) without the explicit consent of the developer. To keep it short, that was the last straw. After many months of on and off thinking, I saw that Andrew Kelley, the creator of Zig, had a project that was hosted on Codeberg. Intrigued by the location of where his source was hosted, I looked into Codeberg a bit more, and found out that my philosophy mostly aligned with Codeberg's values. It is a non-profit, democratically ran alternative to Github, where even the core platform technology is open source itself. Therefore, I've made the switch to Codeberg completely. All of my Github repositories have been deleted, and moved over to Codeberg. I'll only be using Github for either professional work (since the organizations I work for professionally usually use Github for development), or I'll use it if I need to submit a patch or a comment to existing repositories that are on the platform. But all of my personal stuff will now be on Codeberg. I encourage you all to take a look at Codeberg and see what you think about it. Maybe it will be useful for you too.
If you find any broken links as part of the migration, please let me know and I'll correct it.

Thank you,
This makes me happy to hear. I can't blame you, and I've in fact thought about moving to codeberg in the past as well. But it's the same problem of Linux vs Windows--one has a monopoly, and everyone is using it, so it's hard to break away because until more people use Linux, none will develop for it. Microsoft is a huge monopoly that just isn't stopping, in just the last 5 years they've acquired ownership of Github and Blizzard/Diablo/Starcraft/Warcraft. It's really sad.

Not to mention the Copilot, but also when they "Tik-Tok-ified" the feed recently, using an algorithm to generate content, instead of showing you the content you starred/followed. There was overwhelming backlash against them doing this, hundreds of posts asking them to change it back or give the option again, and they basically followed up a month later saying "we made a minor bugfix, but we're not changing it, deal with it". It just goes to show how little they care.

I still need Github for my professional life as well, but I very well may make the switch to both Codeberg/Linux in the next few years.
I also just noticed I'll need to make a small update to Cactus to update the GitHub link in the OOTB screen lol. That will say Codeberg real soon.
Haha, way to stick it to the man @fearedbliss :LOL:

Nah, but in all seriousness, I'm so sick of these companies doing stuff like this to our beloved platforms and IP's. I think we all are...

Good on you for discovering Codeberg, and using it for your personal projects! I love this!