April 2023 - Updates


Staff member
Dec 19, 2021
Hello all,

A few updates and clean ups I’ve done to the forum.

1.I’ve cleaned up a bunch of files from the server in order to save space and also to restrict the files I’m hosting more towards Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 things only. This means that I’m no longer mirroring the following:

- Hellgate: London (2007) Backup Installation CDs and Patches.
- Starcraft / Brood War Patches
- Warcraft III Patches

I did not receive any DMCA takedown requests for any of the above. I’m removing them voluntarily because of the reasons stated. I will of course continue to mirror all of the Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 patches, Cactus, etc.

I’ve also removed the files listed in the \"Required Files\" section of the \"Installing Cactus in Windows 7\" thread. You can still get these files from Microsoft. Alternatively, you can use my pre-built Windows 7 ISOs which I will continue to maintain and mirror.

2. I’ve removed the \"Patch Notes\" section for Hellgate: London (2007) from the Bloodline forum. All of its posts are now in the Bloodline forum directly rather than a sub-forum.

- fearedbliss