[1.09b] Diablo II Multiplayer on TCP/IP


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Mar 6, 2022
Hey all,

I’ll be using this thread to organize Diablo II LAN (TCP/IP) sessions on 1.09b.

Note: 1.09d heroes are backwards compatible with 1.09b.

To join the party you will need the following:
  • An unmodded installation of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on 1.09b (Singling is recommended).
  • A high-speed cable or fiber internet connection.
  • Discord or Mumble (not required, but nice to have for voice chat).
If you wish to join, please DM me so I can add you to the next group!
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Removed the mod ’Alpaca’ from the original post as I no longer use or recommend it.
Nice ;). That’s also the combo I recommend and use as well. D2 + Singling. Cactus can be used to open multiple copies of D2 and use mules through TCP/IP to essentially get an \"Extended Stash\".. aka just classic traditional D2 muling haha.

Indeed! I did quite a bit of muling like that yesterday and it was awesome. Felt just like the good ole days, except better without any bnet lag, and I could create as many mules as needed and with any names I wanted! :D
[mention]Manny[/mention] Let’s continue here.

Yea I was thinking starting from scratch, then we could also experience the beginning together as well which would be nice. I can do 1.09b lod. I’m just using Singling pretty much. Basically only the stuff in Cactus.
Awesome bro, this will be fun! BTW I’ve renamed the thread to something a bit more open and clear for future caravanners.

I have a Ventrilo server we can use as well (remember them? yep, they’re still around!). I don’t have use discord, and IIRC, neither do you. Not that voice chat is needed, just a thought.

I’ll start thinking about what hero to roll. Hmm. :geek:
Nice, yea I don’t use Discord anymore and deleted my account last year. I’m definitely up for Ventrilo. I actually switched from supporting Vent and TS to Mumble many years ago since Mumble is Open Source. I can also set up a Mumble server if we need it, but I definitely want to use voice ;D. I’m fine using your Ventrilo as well.

In regards of VPN, I’m just gonna be opening up the ports directly in my router. One less VPN app to install. But if we need a VPN app, we can use one as well. Zerotier has been pretty good and easy as well, and it works with D1 as well (which is a bit more difficult to get running on MP).
OK yeah, I’m glad. Voice makes things way easier. And Mumble looks awesome dood. I just downloaded that. It seems way more advanced in comparison to Vent, and being open source is icing on the cake. I’ll need to play with it a bit since I use bluetooth headphones (Sony XM4) for my audio, and it seems the default settings mutes all incoming sound from the PC (so no game audio, etc.)

Regarding just opening ports, I must have forgotten it was that easy. I don’t remember how I got on the VPN thing, maybe it was cuz I used to play a lot with friends from overseas. If we can get going with just some router config, i’m all for it!
I mean once you open the ports in your router, I just need your IP (You can PM me it before we play on that day). Port 4000 TCP should be enough but we can open 6112 TCP as well if anything. We’ll experiment ;). Since we are both in the East Coast (US), the latency should be minimal ;D. As for me, this forum is hosted within my home network so you prolly could just connect to ’xyinn.org’ lol.

EDIT: I just noticed, congrats on becoming a Ghoul Lord LOL.
Ghoul Lord LMAO.. i hate those sobs always tryin to drop bombs on me and then running away :x :lol:

Ports are open and contemplating what char to roll while i work!

So we decided on 1.09b lod? We still got time to decide. Lmk.
That sounds good to me bro, but im cool if you’re feeling an earlier patch or just classic. LMK. I never really cared for 1.10 cuz i like feeling that eventually i can hit 99. Experience in those later patches is fked (IMHO). I also love the cow level and thats dialed in to 100% on 1.09b. Just gotta be careful not to checkmate that king. On high players counts he’s a beast so easy to avoid anyway. And I’m not going to lie, its nice knowing that if the going gets tough, i can grab my Zon or Sorc to dispatch of any wily foes that stand in our way.
Lmfao. Alright, let’s start with 1.09b Lod. I would be up for some 1.09b classic as well in the future.
Lol btw, I’m kinda wanting to try Alpaca for our run lol. Since I removed the Shared Stash, I made it work perfectly fine on LAN, so we could both have infinite stashes on LAN ;).. and we would also have infinite stash if we play classic as well. I’m fine just doing only Cactus stuff though since that’s how I normally play.
No worries bro... let’s run some Alpaca on this shiet. I never removed it from my game folder; I only stopped using it to launch the game a while back because of a some weird error message that I’d randomly get. It was something memory related and it would force me to restart the PC, IIRC. It wasn’t frequent but it annoyed me nonetheless, because it marred an otherwise perfect install. At any rate, thanks to a brilliant piece called Cactus ( :D ), I can simply add a new label/entry for our Multiplayer instance and run the Alpaca.exe from that one. In fact that’s what I have just done and my test run was flawless. Holy cow, I’ve forgotten what’s it like to have all these pages!

Lol nice. Yea the memory issue is an annoying one, it was inherited from PlugY but it’s not necessarily easy to fix. I wrote some mitigation code but it still happens sometimes. But regardless, it’s good prolly like 99% of the time so it’s good enough.
Lol alright, let’s just keep it stuff in Cactus, for the simplicity lol. No Alpaca.
Lol alright sounds great!

What class/build are you thinking about playing?
So I’ve been playing Sorc and Barb on my current SP stashes. Although if we planning on cowing together then synergizing each other would be good. I would be good with making a paladin, I could get fanaticism if you going zon, but not sure. What you thinking about making?